@LevNovak I know, I'm much too old to play April Fools jokes. Some of these are inappropriate...
  1. I woke my sister up on a Saturday and told her we were late for school. (2006)
  2. I put "My dog is smarter than your kid" bumper sticker on my friends car. (2015)
  3. I put "My cat is a democrat!" bumper sticker on my friends car. (2015)
  4. I told my mom I was pregnant. (2012)
    She laughed and then said "good, now I can finally give these baby clothes I've been saving to someone." OKAY, MOM.
  5. I rubber banded the sink hose and it sprayed my mom. (2007)
  6. I did the iPhone prank on my mom and sister. (2015)
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    They both fell for it.
  7. I told my dad I was dating an underground rapper who was 6 years older than me. (2013)
    He responded, "Baby, I'm happy you're happy." THANKS FOR BEING TOLERANT DAD!
  8. I set all of our house clocks back 2 hours and went to school late. (2005)
    Luckily my mom didn't have work.