The South has its pros and cons. A pro: food. I'm generally a healthy eater but I can't turn down these childhood classics.
  1. Chicken and dumplings.
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    Bonus points if your grandmother makes them with homemade chicken stock.
  2. Fried green tomatoes.
    Happiness fried. Always add Tabasco or Crystal.
  3. Grits and grillades.
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    Gouda grits + roast beef and veggies = heaven.
  4. Black eyed peas.
    + ham hock
  5. Fried pickles.
    As if pickles couldn't get better.
  6. Fresh berries and homemade cream.
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  7. Butter gooeys.
    Basically a butter tart.
  8. Mom's gumbo.
    Gotta be your mamas
  9. Corn bread.
    Sweet with jalapeños
  10. Cherry limeades.
    My grandma used to fresh squeeze limes and make simple syrup with maraschino cherries.
  11. Farmers market squash.
  12. Fresh tomatoes with salt and pepper.
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    My step dad's patients give us flats (big crates of tomatoes) from their farm as a thank you sometimes.