*sorry for the bad photo quality. I'll try to update them.
  1. Gemma
    On Henderson St. A couple from St. Helena, CA opened this about a two years ago. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is so chill.
  2. Velvet Taco
    Also on Henderson St. Super funky tacos that aren't really classified as Mexican or Tex-Mex. The best is the #3 chicken tikka masala taco. Also the homemade tots are fabulous topped with their herbed goat cheese, cheddar, avocado crema, and fried egg.
  3. Taco Diner
    This little restaurant in the middle of West Village (near Lemmon Ave. and McKinney) is always packed. Everyone brings their dogs and it's so fun to people/animal watch. It's owned by Mi Cocina and acts as their more casual low-key counterpart.
  4. Neighborhood Services
    One of the coolest restaurants. They have amazing drinks and they play James Bond audiobooks in the bathroom. Get the meatball appetizer; you won't be disappointed.
  5. Malai Kitchen
    This Thai restaurant is also in West Village. Their sticky rice and eggplant appetizer is so delicious. Their take on brunch is a bit different and I suggest the Thai Eggs Benedict.
  6. Hattie's
    In Bishop Art'a District. This white table cloth typical southern restaurant is amazing. Even though it feels like a fancy Mississippi country club dining hall it has a super chill vibe and the service is great. I suggest the fried chicken and waffles (it's off menu 😉)
  7. Oddfellow's
    In Bishop Arts as well. Known for their lattes and brunch, this place is so cool. I suggest the buffalo chicken mac n cheese and the beignets.
  8. Lucia
    My final Bishop Arts pick. This Italian restaurant gets everything right. They only seat about 18 people a night in their quaint dining room and the service is amazing. In order to get a reservation you have to call a month in advance, but it's not snobby. Get the chef's picks, all of the homemade pasta is top notch.