People I could learn a thing or two from:
  1. Amy Poehler
    She is very driven and very very funny. I don't think she takes "no" for an answer and she never sacrifices her values.
  2. My roommate @QueenB
    Definition of a DGAF personality. Also, very tidy to live with.
  3. Sister Maria from The Sound of Music
    She is not only devote in her faith but also sticks up for what she believes in. My kind of woman.
  4. My grandmother Charlotte
    Typical southern woman dressed to the nines. I hate wearing makeup and doing my hair and my grandmother really made an art of doing just that. She genuinely enjoyed the more fun aspects of femininity. She also cursed like a sailor and the irony was perfect.
  5. My grandmother Betty
    French Canadian Catholic who was super chic and had amazing taste in clothes, shoes, and housewares. Also very intelligent and kind hearted. Really tough after having 7 children.
  6. I really connected with your book and I never miss The Mindy Project. Style is on point and you are so real.
  7. Katharine Hepburn
    My namesake. One of the first women to wear pants on film; how cool is that?! #feminist #powersuit
  8. Cinderella from the new 2015 version
    Controversial choice. I really like this new Cinderella because honestly she just is happy to be here. She is described by others in the movie as kind hearted and wise instead of pretty like older versions. And she is so kind to everyone, even people who are cruel to her. #positivity
  9. the Dalai Lama
    I really need to practice my kindness and patience. And letting go of some stuff.
  10. Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail
    She's the cutest character ever and she doesn't take sh*t from nobody. So positive and kind and very smart. "So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around?"