I research until I'm scared to death.
  1. His black eyes
    They're Japanese contact lenses. http://uproxx.it/1wSx4gP
  2. The fact that his lawyer told him to wear the contacts.
    Because he thought he would look innocent like a doe. Instead of you know, possessed.
  3. He was acquitted of murdering his neighbor even though he dismembered him and threw out the pieces.
  4. The way he converses with himself.
    Apparently many people believe he has Asperger's syndrome and is just repeating things a therapist has told him. Still unnerving. http://thebea.st/1wSx28R
  5. He hid in Galveston (a mere 4 hours away from me) as a mute woman and her man friend.
    Too close. Too close for comfort.