😒😑 I'm sad to say this is 100% accurate. #fratlife
  1. "I love the stock market."
  2. "Like, how dope is this? I just made money just sitting here."
  3. "I bought this stock at $1 and now it's like totally $1.30."
  4. "I mean I bought 100 shares at $1 like as simple as that, you know?"
  5. "And now, like, I made $30, you know? So dope."
  6. "This app I have lets me invest, like just with a tap. Totally dope."
  7. "Doooooope"
    Said 3x in reply to her comments about the stock market.
  8. "This weather blows. Like, it's 77 on Saturday, you know. Like, is it winter or spring, make up your mind, weather!"
    How original!