I'm from Arkansas, so sue me.
  1. It's cold in here.
    I mean I know there's ice but I didn't expect the whole arena to be cold. It is Dallas after all.
  2. Are hockey players hot?
  3. Hockey players are kind of hot.
  4. That goal is so small!
  5. These referees are pretty spry.
  6. I love how they skate by and hop in and out of their little box things.
  7. Hockey is violent...
  8. My Canadian grandfather is going to be so proud.
  9. My friend just told me there are four halves. We're off to a good start.
  10. Dayum, that's a beard
  11. Aw, he tripped!
  12. They need to make the puck neon
    This one is curtesy of @justinemcgregor
  13. Every player is Canadian. All the Dallas players are Canadian.
  14. I'm half Canadian.
    Eh true story.