An anxiety inducing list.
  1. El Diablo
  2. Accidentally biting down on paper.
  3. The ocean
    I could write an entire list on why I'm afraid of the ocean. ONLY ~1% OF THE OCEAN HAS BEEN EXPLORED!
  4. The dark
    Related: the boogeyman
  5. Rotating doors
    Claustrophobia too real. Why do they swing so fast?!
  6. Spiders
    #basic amirite?
  7. Roller coasters
    I still ride them.
  8. Dust mites
    Once you start thinking about them, you can't stop. They're everywhere.
  9. Empty public restrooms
    So many doors, so many mirrors.
  10. My own blood
    I'm fine helping out other people but once you try to draw blood from me I'm yelling timber.