I'm a daydreamer.
  1. Marry someone with the last name of Darling and live in a house on Lover's Lane so I can be Kate Darling on Lover's Lane.
    Peter Pan inspired
  2. Own and run my own farm in Napa.
  3. Convert old barns on said farm into cabins and open a camp for overweight city kids to learn about farming.
  4. Give up school and become a restauranteur.
  5. After serving as a nuclear policy analyst for the White House I will marry my high school sweetheart Jeffery and move to the Hamptons to open my own catering company.
    Ina who?
  6. Drink from the same fountain of youth as Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp, and JLo.
  7. Give a Ted Talk about Talking
  8. Become a pro snowboarder.
  9. Become an international art police woman.
  10. Never leave college; receive degrees in every subject.
  11. Go back in time and meet Gregory Peck.