1. Falling asleep whenever wherever
  2. Watching The Little Mermaid 6 times in one day
  3. Drinking out of a sippy cup
  4. Eating food that isn't real
    Jello, goldfish, and peanut butter sandwich for lunch? Don't mind if I do.
  5. Recess
    Well, socially acceptable napping.
  7. Not having to drive
    Which brings me to...
  8. Falling asleep in the car
  9. Wearing leggings with a matching t shirt
    Did anyone else wear Flapdoodles?
  10. Playing with Barbies
  11. Playing with Legos
  12. Wearing pig tails
  13. Wearing Mary Jane's
  14. Wearing pom poms in your hair
  15. Sleepovers