Inspired by @mnickwrites - thanks for the request. This was really fun and wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. I could have gone on. Maybe I'll make a part two sometime.
  1. Myra Hornbacher - Thoughts on Eating Disorder Literature: Does it help? Does it harm?
  2. My own therapist - Recovery: You Know It When You're There But How Do We Put That Into Words?
    For privacy reasons I'm not going to reveal her name. For context she is well known in the field of eating disorders. She's had books and articles published and regularly presents around the world. She was the first therapist to reveal that she was a professional who was also in recovery from an eating disorder. Shes helped hundreds of recovered individuals find acceptance in the field. Now she is working with others to find a universal definition of what full recovery is.
  3. Walt Disney - Keeping the Magic Alive While Creating a Money Hungry Business
  4. Martin Luther King Jr - How My Dreams for America Compare to the America of 2016
  5. Gus, service dog in training - A Peek Inside a Dog's Emotional Mind By the First Talking Dog
    Sorry I know it's not based in reality but honestly when I asked myself who in the world I'd want to hear from I kept coming back to dogs. I want to know what dogs think. Any dog really. I just chose Gus.
  6. Bonus: to see a bizarre side of my very qualified therapist you can visit this list: My therapist regularly sends me bitmojos in texts. Here are some examples. To meet