Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January
    Retired service dog Benny looking hung over to welcome in the new year.
  2. February
    Celebrating fours years out of residential treatment with Gus service dog in training
  3. March
    New haircut but I'm almost incapable of taking selfies that don't include a dog
  4. April
    Benny watches put the door at my parents house
  5. May
    A very rare just me selfie
  6. June
    A literal "bed" of flowers
  7. July
    3 little cousins watching the parade
  8. August
    They opened the city pool on the last day for dogs to come swim!
  9. September
    The state fair occurred and this happened
  10. October
    Picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and taking hay rack rides with family including @teamgivan
  11. November
    Shona moves in with me and makes herself very much at home
  12. December
    Gus service dog in training hangs out with my brother by how teeny tiny tree