Inspired by @justjills. I'm actually really glad there aren't more. I don't have to censor what I say as much. And these people I trust with my secrets and not to judge me.
  1. @teamgivan - my soon to be sister in law. Which I couldn't be more excited about!
  2. @katielady250 Met this wonderful gal while spending some what was supposed to be healing time in Tulsa but ultimately wasn't. Meeting Katie was the best thing to come out of that hell hole.
  3. Honorary mention: @dancelittlejean I met this courageous woman through our blogs when we were both blogging regularly. I think that was around 2011 or 2012. We both went (at separate times) to the same treatment center and thus know a lot of the same people. I look up to her so much because of the work she's done in recovery.
    I know from those early blogging days just how far she's come.