1. Sit on my computer or book
    This would be the cat aka Brutus.
  2. Hit my computer with their paw because they know it means they receive attention.
    This would be Shona
  3. The uncanny ability to open doors
    Again Shona. Too smart for her own good.
  4. Hog the bed but look adorable doing so
    Looking at you Gus
  5. Insisting that he MUST sit on your lap
    This is retired service dog Benny
  6. Beg for attention while working out in public
    A service dog no-no but it can be irresistible.
  7. Paw me while naked to get me to pet him
    The cat. Occurs while changing clothes. He cannot wait five minutes for pets.
  8. Destroying my house by wrestling with each other
    But they're having so much fun.