Audible Books I've listened to since getting an Audible Membership.

  1. I thought it was well written and very timely considering our current political climate. Gave humanity and compassion to those who I usually give none to.
  2. It seemed to drag on forever and I didn't particularly like the characters.
  3. Listened to it after watching the tv series and thought that the book added so much richness and layers that could never have been portrayed on tv. I think the tv series also lost something moving the location to the US.
  4. Started the series and listened to every single one right after another. The movie is nothing compared to the books.
  5. Was looking for something similar to the I Am Number Four series. Found it different but good. Haven't decided if I'll finish the series.
  6. Excellent free narration available on kindle unlimited. The ending surprised me which doesn't happen that often with mysteries.
  7. I'd actually never read The Handmaid's Tale and decided it was time. It was good. Difficult at times to absorb but very good. Relevant right now especially.
  8. Currently listening to. I discovered this after reading an article on the Radium Girls. It's a fascinating book and has kept my interest.