1. The Hobbit
    Partly because the story is so beautiful and it takes me into a world I don't want to leave. I think also because it's the first "grown-up" book my dad read out loud to me.
  2. The Secret Garden
    I always dreamed of having my own place to go. I related and still do to the loneliness Mary experiences.
  3. The Chronicles of Narnia
    I'll be honest here and say the reason these books have such power over me is the character of Aslan. I'm fascinated by the fact he represents God and that Aslan God is the one I'd like to know.
  4. Ella Enchanted
    I love her spunk. She's the girl I wanted to be and has the qualities I admire as a woman. No other character I've read about has been quite like her.
  5. Anne of Green Gables
    I don't know if this needs much explanation. If you've read about Anne, you know she invades your heart.
  6. The Harry Potter series
    So much depth within one series. So much growth and development. Characters that are flawed but like able. A world I wish to go to. How could I not love it? Plus I feel like these character grew older at the same rate I did. I feel a connection with Harry, Ron and hermione.
  7. The Alanna series by Tamora Pierce
    Or really any of her books. Great young adult writing. Probably my favorite fantasy writer next to Tolkien. Bonus points that her main characters are empowered young females.