1. So ummm hi 💁🏻
  2. I've been gone awhile.
    Almost a year.
  3. The last list I wrote was this one: 🚨🚨 I have a date 🚨🚨
  4. I kinda became really busy after I went on that date.
    Living real life. It was completely new to me not to be existing mostly in a virtual reality.
  5. You could say it went well.
    Really well. Even with all the PTSD issues.
  6. We're engaged now.
    That's a long story. I'll write a list about it.
  7. And we are buying a house.
    Knock on wood.
  8. I have five dogs now.
    That's not all of them but it's the only picture I have that we have of us and more than three of them in. Taking pictures of puppies is hard!
  9. And a job...well two jobs actually.
    I chase two year olds around four days a week and more fun than that I'm a paid dog trainer (list to come).
  10. My retired service dog passed away.
    I miss him dearly everyday. It was devastating to loose him.
  11. Gus, service dog in training, is now Service Dog Gus and is amazing at his job. He knows even more now.
    He helps me through the bad days.
  12. My mental illnesses are not controlling my life for the first time since I was ten.
    It's a combination of the right medication, a ton of therapy finally making a different, an excellent support system and one amazing service dog.
  13. That's not to say I don't struggle. I do. But I'm in control now. Not my illnesses.
  14. I've missed @list
  15. And it's good to "see" you all.
    It was really nice to find the request waiting for me. I have no idea how long it was sent but thank you @amieshmamie It gave me a place to begin again.
  16. But I'm back now.
    I've missed this outlet and way to learn from others.
  17. Thanks for keeping the door open and the porch light on.