Gus is in training to be a psychiatric service dog for me. He has many more commands to learn especially surrounding tasks he does to help with my various mental illness.
  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Stay
  4. Wait
  5. Come/here
  6. Heel
  7. Stand
  8. Left
    Still working on right
  9. Sit pretty
    Sits on his haunches
  10. Shake
  11. High five
  12. Back
  13. Watch me
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  14. Off
    Used for getting off furniture or people
  15. Drop it
  16. Give
  17. Leave it
  18. Bring it here
  19. Take
  20. Hold
    A shaky command but he does understand it. Needs a lot more work though.
  21. Let's get dressed
    Put on his service dog vest
  22. Unload
    From the car
  23. Load up
    Into the car
  24. Over
    Deep pressure command where he lies full length over my body.
  25. Paws up
    Puts the front part of his body into my lap while I'm sitting down.
  26. Front
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    Stands in front of me to block people from getting too close
  27. Check in
    Licks my hand. Provide grounding.
  28. Under
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    Goes under any large enough object to be out of the way while in public