1. I am ashamed that you are my governor. It saddens me that you make me ashamed to be from Kansas which is a truly wonderful state.
  2. But I am because of your actions and your party which controls this state.
  3. You've done many shameful things. So many I'd have to have a new list just for that.
    Perhaps I shall make one at one point.
  4. I was once proud of the direction our state was going. I don't think we will ever be thought of as progressive but we were at least once thought of as a sane state.
  5. But then you were elected.
  6. And you undid so much of what our previous governor had worked for. All in the name of your beliefs.
  7. Have you not heard that vital part of the constitution where church and state are separate?
  8. Besides that- what you do in the name of God takes money from the poor, fills the pockets of the rich, leaves the disabled without help and closes the doors of our state for people in need.
  9. Where is God in that Governor Brownback?
  10. I believe firmly that God does not belong in government but I am also a person who believes in God.
  11. You use God to defend your greedy and cruel politics and it sickens me.
  12. That is not the God I believe in.
  13. The God I believe in would help the disabled, would not belittle the poor and would open doors to Syrian refugees.
  14. So I ask you: If you govern for God, why is it you govern with hate?
  15. Sincerely, a concerned Kansas citizen