As revealed to me today this would be the lovely @danashiroma
  1. I saw your package in the mailbox and thought at first Amazon had delivered a Christmas gift but then I remembered I hadn't ordered any. And I knew it had to be you.
  2. Excitement followed. I could not find scissors as per usual so the box was destroyed in my opening.
  3. I opened it up and Santa had come!
  4. First the card. Which was perfect! I adore dogs which you took time to figure out. And your message inside was so sweet.
  5. Then the first present which was a super cool toy for Gus that squeaks but only he can hear it. Ummmm...awesome. And he loves it so picture taking was difficult but I got one.
    Such a cute purple dinosaur.
  6. And then the second which is this great new dog book. I'm so looking forward to reading it. You'll have to tell me what you think since you plan to read it too.
  7. Secret Santa thank you so much especially for personalizing my gifts. It was great to open them and feel some love from a stranger. Sending you doggy hugs and kisses from Gus.
  8. Ps thanks @ChrisK for organizing this.