1. Thank you @washingtonpost for following me.
  2. I really feel very inadequate as my lists are not top notch journalism like your paper is.
  3. I once thought about going into journalism though! But then I realized I would have to interview people I didn't know.
  4. And that was a deal breaker. I'm a very shy person.
  5. So you go reporters at @washingtonpost! I admire what you do.
  6. You talk to people all over the world and I have a hard time talking to the lady at the pharmacy.
  7. And somebody should be talking to them and asking them the tough questions.
    Sorry that includes Donald Trump though. That can't be fun. But somebody had to do it. So thanks.
  8. Leaders and nations need accountability and journalists help hold them accountable when the rest of us can't. So thank you for that.
  9. I hope my lists aren't too boring for you!