I started training dogs when I was 7. Here is a list of most of the ones I've personally worked with.
  1. Amelia Bedelia
    A miniature dachshund and the first dog I ever worked with. I took her through 4-H dog classes and showed her in 4-H shows. She was a great little show dog and showed and worked for me from when I was seven to age 18. We won a lot of trophies and ribbons. But mostly she's special because she's the dog that started it all.
  2. Connor
    Connor was a vizsla that we got when I was 12 who I was also supposed to show but he ended up being dog reactive. I did train him however and he minded well. It was a good first experience training a big dog.
  3. Clara
    Clara was my cousin's beagle who I agreed to help train. This was the first dog I trained for other people. Beagles are super hard dogs to train do she was a challenge but a fun one. She got to a place where she minded well at home which is what they wanted.
  4. Beau
    This was my first paying job training a dog. I walked and trained Beau to help an elderly woman out. I actually showed Beau once too and we did alright. It was a great experience and I did this for two years before I went to college. My family continued helping her until she died a year ago. It was a sweet sweet friendship that all began with an unruly dog.
  5. Shona
    My sweet girl who has yet to settle down. I could refer to her as my training failure. She's defiantly my learning experience. Nothing I've used with any other dog had worked with her. Working with Shona is an adventure all its own. I love her for it though and ages made me a better trainer.
  6. Benny
    Benny was my first service dog now retired. He arrived trained by an organization but I did more training with him including service dog tasks, agility and competition obedience. He is such a fun boy to work with. He has the sweetest personality and is a big clown. Unfortunately now that he's developed epilepsy and is retired I keep him home but I just recently taught him to speak and that was fun.
  7. Augustus
    Gus is my current service dog in training. I've done all of his training myself. He is the best trained dog I've ever had and I'm proud of that. He is very well behaved and I love him dearly. We keep learning more and more and improving all the time. He helps me grow as a trainer which is what should always be happening.
  8. Jezebel
    My second paying dog training client. A Yorkie who comes to my house once a week for general manner lessons. I love the little dog and she's fun to have around. It's nice to have some cash flow too.
  9. Ollie
    My most recent project. I just met him today and he's adorable but it's going to be a lot of work for him and his owner. He's a smart boy and has it in him but I'm going to be using all my experience with him.