I really don't care what you get me. I'm just super excited to get a present because I LOVE presents. But in case you are a person who likes suggestions. Here are some. Thanks so much for organizing this @ChrisK
  1. Anything for Gus service dog in training.
    Toys, treats, clothes. Anything. He weighs 65lbs and his neck size is 20". He is a golden retriever.
  2. Anything that has to do with animals.
  3. Something you love and would like to share.
  4. A mix CD
  5. Something homemade
    Crafts, food, I don't care.
  6. A book you like and would recommend.
  7. Something warm
  8. Something unique to where you live.
    I'd love to have something from your home.
  9. A card
  10. Anything that you can think of. I really just love the spirit of this so anything will be awesome and I'll treasure it.