1. Cousins - 8 months apart = many adventures
  2. Brother - default friend, default enemy.
  3. Preschool - no one cared then if boys and girls were friends. It was nice.
  4. First grade - not much to tell. We played together during recess. She moved away before second grade.
  5. Church - ahh preteen friendships. Drama, drama, drama. And yes, there was tons to drama to be had at church.
  6. 5th grade - we talked about getting out periods on the playground swings and got in trouble. So much for girl bonding. We also became enemies in 7th grade but made up by 9th. More drama.
  7. 7th grade gym class - bonded together by humiliation.
  8. 7th grade band - they played flute. I played percussion. I desperately wished I had chosen the flute.
  9. Sophomore in college roommates - nothing brings you together more than a nasty third roommate and setting off the fire alarm together.
  10. Eating disorder treatment number 1 - she literally saw me at my worst and liked me anyways. We were disasters but we bonded through it. Also there's bullying in treatment. Having one person there to get you through it brings you closer.
  11. Eating disorder treatment number 2 - lying on the floor together, reading contraband material, playing card games and laughing can be a receipe for a great friendship.
  12. After treatment friends - we were there together but didn't talk. It's amazing how taking a risk and reaching out for support can change your life
  13. Blog/Facebook friend- she found me and started up a conversation. Three years later we haven't stopped talking. She's one of my best friends. All thanks to the internet. The socially anxious persons Mecca.
  14. Dog training friend - can't think of something to talk about? Oh look at that cute thing my dog is doing!