1. So yesterday I went to a psychologist who specializes in adult autism.
  2. He interviewed me and my mom (that was about childhood) and had me take some tests.
  3. The conclusion was that I am on the autism spectrum.
  4. I don't know how to feel about this yet.
  5. But it does explain some things.
  6. People with autism often have trouble with executive functioning which means getting things done.
  7. And I struggle with this soooo much.
  8. I have to have help to do the smallest of things. Like chores. I need someone to like deliberately tell me how and in what order to do things.
  9. I knew this wasn't normal. I just thought maybe I was lazy.
  10. It also makes sense why no one really liked me in school and I just felt out of place and different.
  11. It was because I AM different.
  12. There's more but I'm still processing it.
  13. I would have what they called aspergers a few years ago but that diagnosis no longer exists.
  14. So I say I'm on the autism spectrum instead. Because I don't come across as being autisic. I've already had one person tell me she didn't believe it.
  15. It's hard for me too but that wasn't helpful.
  16. It is what it is.
  17. The good news is that now my therapy can be more focused and I can finally work on relevant things.