It's ok (and a good thing even) to celebrate the 4th of July if you're unhappy with the US

  1. 364 days of the year I have a lot of things to complain about this country.
  2. I could write a whole list of them
  3. But July 4th is the one day and stop and recognize what this country HAS given me
    And so many others
  4. I know not everyone is equal yet. I know there is hate and discrimination. There is Trump.
  5. But I want to forget all about that for a day and focus on what America has gotten right.
  6. And over the years it has gotten lots of things right and produced some amazing people.
  7. Just because the work isn't done doesn't mean we can't be proud of what our country has accomplished up till this point.
  8. We can recognize the flaws and the need for improvement but at the same time celebrate we have a system in our country that allows us to even make change.
  9. It's not bad to wear red, white and blue and celebrate however you choose. You aren't betraying a movement or saying you are satisfied with the state our country is in now.
    Tomorrow I'm going to contact one of the people running in my distract about his views on the second amendment. But today I'm laying that aside.
  10. Love for our country and a wish for its people to live better lives is what causes change.
  11. And today we can celebrate that love and the freedom that allows us to make this country the best place it can be.