Because I have PTSD it's rare for me to feel safe in very many places. I used to have nowhere I felt safe but now I have four places and this is actually a big sign of healing for me.
  1. My house
    Specifically my bed
  2. My therapists office
  3. My grandmas house
  4. My parents house
  5. Note: not the Internet, not even @list is one of my safe spaces. I don't get online to feel safe. I seek that out in real life. There are places online I feel more secure but I try never to rely on a social media site for safety. It doesn't work for me.
    Something to think about for those of you who want you your "safe list app" back. You can't control other people. You can't control this environment. It's not designed to be a completely safe space. As is the nature of social media there may be some discomfort while engaging. Rely on other places and people for that safety and comfort you seek.