My therapist regularly sends me bitmojos in texts. Here are some examples.

Inspired by @sophiack : I'm beginning to think this may be weird. But I've kinda gotten used to that when it comes to my therapist. She's not the average professional.
  1. First one randomly received in a text after a session
    The bitmojo was random. Not the text. I was so confused.
  2. Explaining what's happening. Same conversation.
  3. Same conversation. At this point I believe she was just thoroughly enjoying herself.
  4. Response for my sassy text about DBT group
  5. Conversation after @teamgivan asked my brother to marry her.
    It was around Christmas time. I think she was excited to use her Christmas Bitmojo. I did think her response was clever here.
  6. Self explanatory
  7. I believe she texted to ask if I was out of the psych hospital since they don't keep her in the loop at all.
    I guess this is an appropriate response?
  8. Same conversation
    I guess she was proud of the work I did to stabilize?
  9. Valentine's Day text
  10. Happy Easter text
  11. Response to bad news I gave her
  12. Same conversation
  13. Results of Gus's show. Second time I believe she sent me that one.
    We're beginning to repeat. Not good.
  14. I had a hard session. I ate a cookie.
    Creepy bitmojo in response.
  15. A conversation about memory I believe
    That she either did find funny or just really wanted to use that particular bitmojo
  16. Benny (retired service dog) ate a bone she sent home with me and I sent a thank you.
    Got this response and am 99.9% sure she was just enjoying playing around too much to care about context.
  17. An actual somewhat playful but serious response to an email I sent telling her I was doing poorly with food.
    This actually nails it. This sums up therapy and her role as my therapist. I guess the bitmojos have a purpose.
  18. I just told her I like dogs better than people. She said me too (yes she's a therapist). She sent me this.
    The collar is so throwing me off.
  19. Same conversation.
    Less creepy.