1. Why is Kim Davis at the State of the Union? Seriously. Why?
  2. Yeah, you tell him Obama. You tell Trump how pathetic of a person he is.
    Not that he'll care but glad you included it
  3. Who is that guy with that wild hair on his head? Come on CBS tell me! I don't need to know who John Kerry is. I need to know who the crazy looking scientist is and what he's doing there.
  4. Boom! Yes he did! He found Osama. Can't deny that republicans!
  5. Love that RBG gave him a hug! Love that woman.
  6. The joint chiefs look like a horribly boring bunch of people.
  7. There are so many old white guys in this room.
    And they are the ones voting about my vagina.
  8. Gabby Giffords looks amazing! I remember her right after the shooting struggling to speak and walk.
  9. Obama is making me think that America is actually an ok place.
    Yes. Truly "vintage Obama".