I originally wrote this in January of 2010. It is still how I strive to live my life in recovery.
  1. I will not live under any person's control except my own.
  2. I will begin the process of forgiveness.
  3. I will not let my past dictate my future
  4. I will use my voice and trust that I have the right and ability to do so
  5. I will treasure family, friends and the moments I spend with them.
  6. I will cry when I'm sad. Be mad when I'm angry. Smile when I'm happy and embrace all other emotions especially joy.
  7. I will allow myself to sit in silence and simply be.
  8. I will trust that I can care for myself without relying on harmful thoughts or behaviors.
  9. I will search and yearn for personal growth and strive to look for and accept the good in life.
  10. I will live and live abundantly.
  11. I will strive to trust God and accept his love for me.