Inspired by @retirednomad
  1. I wanted to remember to watch this movie
  2. I thought I might like to dye Gus, service dog in training this color of blue one day.
  3. Someone in a FB group I'm in was going to purchase this collar. I'm not a fan of bark collars so I took a screenshot of it to ask another trainer what her opinion of it was since I knew mine was biased.
  4. I love this quote and wanted to save it.
  5. I thought this headline was hilarious. Maybe i have a morbid sense of humor but seriously after all the gorilla stuff I laughed so hard at this.
  6. Explaining what text I accidentally sent my therapist.
  7. An excerpt of a poem I found on tumblr. Unfortunately I can't find the author. It's not me though.
  8. Huge huge hugely important in eating disorder recovery so I screenshoted it to read when I was struggling.
  9. A very sweet message from a former 4-h judged who judged me in dog shows from the time I was 8 to when I was 18. Amelia Bedelia was my miniature dachshund. I saved it to read on hard days.
  10. I thought this was a great cartoon and saved it to show it to someone. But forgot who. Oops
  11. My therapist texted this to me when we were going over my food intake.
  12. By Lora Mathis - I don't think anyone has explained trauma work so well. This quote sums up life for me right now.