Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. No pants
    I just really think they are overrated. So uncomfortable.
  2. I leave the bathroom door open. (Including when I shower)
    How else are my pets supposed to get to me at all times?
  3. Sleeping whenever I feel like it.
    So I got up at 9. I'm sleepy now at 10. I'll go sleep till like 2. Just because I want to.
  4. Watching embarrassing tv shows or documentaries
    Mostly ones that would be really uncomfortable for my parents and me to experience together
  5. I look up whatever I feel like on the Internet.
    No judgement. All questions are ok when no one can see what I google. I still go incognito though.
  6. Good long cries
    Not the bad kind. But the kind where you just need to cry to feel better. Best to do this alone where you aren't bothered by well meaning people attempting to comfort you.
  7. Long involved conversations with my animals
    Wait I do this everywhere. Including in public with Gus service dog in training. No shame.