1. I wrote a list awhile back about eating disorder recovery.
  2. I was reading a post on themighty.com the other day that asked for submissions about your disorder or disease in a list style
    If you haven't heard of The Mighty I really encourage you to check it out. It's a blog that publishes regular people's stories about their illnesses (mental and physical) or disabilities. It's very inspirational.
  3. So I thought I'd submit what I'd already written.
  4. I changed it a bit and changed the title to "9 Things I Tell Myself When I Struggle In Recovery" and sent it in
  5. To my surprise I got an email back saying they were going to publish it!
  6. They would have to edit it a bit for length but they'd love to use my submission.
  7. I was super excited. I didn't think they'd want to publish what I'd written. I had no idea what it would look like after it was edited and that made me a little nervous but I was just happy to be going to have something published on a well trafficked site.
  8. They told me they'd let me know when they published it. I assumed it be quite a long time.
  9. But no...this afternoon I got a message that it was up on the site already!
  10. And it is!
  11. It's 8 things now instead of 9 and they edited for clarity and length but I'm fine with it. It's still my words actually published.
    See - my name!
  12. Whatever you do I really encourage you to check out The Mighty in general. It's really inspiring.