I adopted Brutus about two months ago. Why? I decided a cat would be interesting. My family had cats growing up but I never did anything with them. I liked the dogs. Now I'm Brutus's sole caretaker and he is a confusing being.
  1. They Hide after you leave the house.
    And then you come back and can't find them. I was convinced I lost him like five times. Once I found him hiding with the sump pump. Another time on top of the cabinet watching me search for him for the last ten minutes. Now I'm more chill: "ok Brutus I'll just be doing my thing. You come out when ready."
  2. Brutus likes his belly scratched. Don't cats like destroy your hands if you do that? Brutus just purrs.
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  3. They hide in bags and think you can't see them
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  4. He follows me around the house
    He's like another dog. I thought cats were more standoffish. Brutus likes to follow me even to the bathroom. Poor Gus service dog in training has no room in exceeded tiny bathroom anymore.
  5. They take up like five times the amount of space you think they would.
    Like seriously there's this invisible force field that the dogs don't enter. Therefore Brutus takes up as much room as 65lb Gus.
  6. He eats my food. Like a dog. He doesn't care what it is.
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  7. He pees in the bathtub
    No? Just my cat?
  8. He carries things up from the basement to play with.
    I don't know how he manages this but he does. The world is his playground I guess.
  9. He hates people for no good reason after he adored them last time he saw them.
    Actually this is more along the lines of how I've always thought of cats.
  10. Every where is his throne.
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