Inspired by @DanaDigsYou
  1. Being cold ALL of the time. Even when it was 100 degrees out.
  2. The lack of concentration. Not being able to read a book or look at the computer made things really boring.
  3. Dreaming about food. The worst. Especially knowing you'll never eat it.
  4. Doctor's appointments after doctors appointments.
  5. Inpatient treatment. Months away from family, friends and pets. Tubes and food. Never again.
  6. Lying. The constant lying. About whether I'd eaten. What I'd eaten. When I'd eaten.
  7. The distance an eating disorder creates between relationships. It's like a third person in the room who comes between you and everyone else.
  8. Knowing the calories in every single item and doing math every time.
  9. Fainting in random places like on the feet of the student DJ thus making the school radio announcements.
  10. Most of all just living in a shadow world controlled by voices that told me how unworthy of living I was. I'm glad I don't want to die anymore.