1. Fat talk
    Be it in my own head or out loud. It accomplishes nothing, annoys and worries those around me and gives my eating disorder power.
  2. Restriction
    I shall enjoy my meal without depriving myself. I will partake of things I enjoy be they vegetables or pie.
  3. Food judgements
    No food is good or bad. Food is simply food. I will not categorize as one food as good and one food as bad. I will not categorize foods as safe and unsafe.
  4. Diet talk
    I am almost 100% certain this won't occur at my thanksgiving since my family has taken a lot of time to be EDucated but if it does I will politely ask for the subject to be changed.
  5. Calories
    I will not check or count calories. I will ask if need be that these discussion not be spoken of around me.
  6. Guilt
    This one is the most important. I likely will feel full after my meal. I will not let myself feel guilty for participating in a tradition with family. I will remind myself that I made a choice for recovery and that is a choice for life.