Requested by @biz
Thanks so much for the request!
  1. Diet talk
    Diets don't work and I have no idea how to tell the average person this so therefore it makes me really uncomfortable when they talk about it. Also it triggers me and that's awkward.
  2. Being weighed
    I do blind weights (step on the scale backwards) but I still hate it.
  3. When someone tells me they have found my tumblr (or list app account).
    Just 😳
  4. Disco music
    No. Please no.
  5. Flexi leads
    So scary when in the hands of the wrong dog owner. I'm crossing to the other side of the street.
  6. Children
    "Small, tiny person I don't know what to say to you."
  7. Hospital gowns
    Does the gap go in the front or the back? Also why is there a gap?
  8. People standing within an arms length of me.
    I know. I have a big bubble. Luckily Gus, service dog in training has a block command to keep people from getting too close. Very useful.
  9. Outdoorsy activities
    Nope. Spiders, ticks, dirt and everything else is just not for me. Leave me home. I constantly feel like my skin is crawling and I'm the odd one out.
  10. Kitchen sinks
    I read once that they are the place in the house with the most germs. Even over the toilet.
  11. Hotels
    Yay for me that I'm staying in one tommorow night!
  12. Filing nails
    It's like finger nails on a blackboard to me.