1. I was a percussionist in band from sixth grade through the first year of college. And yes even as a girl I could play the drums. I excelled at the mallet instruments though. Because of the harassment I experienced though I came to hate playing all music.
  2. We are working to evaluate me and see if I'm on the upper end of the Autism spectrum. This would surprise you. I seem well adjusted and capable but there are many areas in which I struggle.
  3. I was in 4-H which is commonly a rural activity. However I lived in town and participated in projects like dog, reading, cooking, sewing and arts and crafts among others.
  4. I am a great public speaker. This often surprises people because I am shy and awkward but this falls away when I do public speaking. 4-H emphasized the importance of this and I started giving talks at age 8.
  5. I trained/am training my service dog myself. And yes this is legal. I'm very proud of Gus, service dog in training. I've had to use all of my dog training skills to work with him and then learn some more. He's almost finished training and it will be a big accomplishment for us both.