1. It's too early for talking about my shit.
  2. At least we only have to do one check-in.
  3. But then we have to sit here and listen about how to regulate our emotions for another hour.
  4. My emotions are not regulated at this moment.
  5. Are my emotions ever regulated?
  6. I think I should learn how to regulate my emotions. It might make my life better. So I should listen.
  7. These examples are so stupid.
  8. But this is so me! Ok I guess this is helpful.
  9. Omg why did I just speak? Now that other person is trying to make me feel better and I really don't need that.
  10. Be kind. Be compassionate. What do they call that skill? Radical acceptance? Maybe. I can't remember.
  11. Ok so I guess this group is helpful just why does it have to be so darn early?
  12. Oh we are making gratitude lists now? I can do that. Mastery is what that skill is called. At least I know one thing.
  13. And now I'm leaving but will be missing a week. I think I'm disappointed. My brain makes no sense.