Time for another round of...Random Screenshots On My Phone!

  1. Love love love this.
    Will probably be keeping it to remind myself that no body is perfect.
  2. I documented this terrifying moment in history by screenshooting my news alert from @BuzzFeed
    I don't know if I'll save this. Do I want to remember this low point in our countries history?
  3. My unicorn from LuLaRoe!
    I found it in my size too so I won't need to save this picture!
  4. 😫
  5. A book I want to look into reading
  6. I asked Siri what was playing on the radio
    I was surprised to find I was enjoying a Justin Bieber song.
  7. I take great comfort in this
    It will be staying on my phone for a long time
  8. I don't see it as voting for Clinton:
  9. Love love love this
  10. Truth
  11. If you're dad doesn't dress like this on weekends, you don't have a dad:
    Also truth
  12. A super good article even though it's a year old. I suggest looking it up.
    Also read the follow up piece the author wrote about the unacknowledged rascism the president faces
  13. Beautiful picture shared by Celtic Thunder
  14. ...
  15. Also a year ago but still so sadly relevant.
    Our conscious is just now John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee
  16. Random Facebook thing.
    All of them but one has Gus in it. 😊