Thanks @ChrisK for making a list to request a list and sending me this one. Perhaps I was too literal but I'm fascinated by the animal I call my best friend, helper and life saver.
  1. Make people smile
    Do you know how good dogs are at this? I have Gus service dog in training with me everywhere I so I experience it daily. There is rarely a store I go into that people haven't stopped just to smile at him.
  2. Get a ton of petting from whoever my owner would be.
    Dogs get massages like daily, multiple times a day. That must feel super good.
  3. Run
    What's it like to run on four legs? Dogs are capable of such speed. I want to run and see what that feels like.
  4. Sniff.
    I am fascinated by dogs' sense of smell. I don't think we as humans have anything to compare to it. This would be super weird but also super cool to experience.
  5. Perform Gus', service dog in training, job.
    I want to know what it feels like to be a dog who goes into stores and buildings where other dogs aren't aloud. What's it like to be with your human 24/7? Would I get tired of her? And most importantly what's it like being asked to perform his task. Does he really know he's helping like I believe he does?