WHEN YOU THINK OF ME...I hope you think of...

Inspired by @olivi_ahh
  1. Dogs
    Because I love them.
  2. Service dog in training Gus
    Since he's basically an extra appendage and if you're inviting me over you have by default invited him too.
  3. A survivor
    I think it would be accurate to say I sometimes come across more as a victim (I'm working on this) but I hope you think of a survivor.
  4. Rockin pixie cuts
    I like to think I pull them off well
  5. A politically liberal person
    A lot of my political beliefs shape who I am as a person.
  6. Acceptance
    I wasn't accepted in school. I want to try and accept everyone as they are. I hope that comes across through my actions.
  7. Recovery
    This is a huge part of my identity. Five years in and I'm still going.