Happy 4th of July! 🗽🇺🇸
  1. Barack Obama
    Despite what a lot of people think I'm pleased with the job our president has done. He's fought for a lot of things (won some, lost some) and maintained integrity throughout his presidency. He's respected by world leaders and improved our diplomatic relations. Sure, he's made mistakes (drones for example) but if possible Id gladly vote for him for four more years. Also - he's just cool.
  2. The actions by the Democrats in the last few days of the session to try and pass gun control laws.
    The fourteen hour filibuster may not have been effective nor the sit-in but they did something. It may end up being mostly symbolic but I feel like finally elected officials acknowledged gun violence in some way. Seeing John Lewis sitting on the floor so reminiscent of the Civil Right Era gave me chills. We were seeing passion by elencted officials when we so often see none. That made me proud of America.
  3. Gay marriage is now legal.
    I'm proud our country stepped up and got this one right.
  4. The nation was moved by an anonymous strangers letter detailing her rape enough to cause massive outrage.
    We have come so far. We still have so far to go but the fact that so many people supported a girl who'd been raped by a star athlete while intoxicated shows how much people have learned about consent and what constitutes rape. This girl taught our country a valuable lesson. So valuable that elected officials had it officially entered into historical documents.
  5. Even though people continue to try and strip women of their rights to their own body, people continue to fight and so do some politicians.
    It's been a long battle and there is still a long one ahead but the work thousands of women have done to keep abortion clinics open, planned parenthood funded and employers providing birth control is now beginning to pay off in some areas. The fight needs to expand to WOC's rights and continue moving forward but the fact that women have persisted and continue to persist to achieve basic human rights makes me a proud American.