7 Things you start to expect when living in New York
  1. All cab drivers must know where they're going.
    Don't ask where I'm going! You should know!
  2. Is it organic?
    Do you have organic? No?! Then I'm leaving.
  3. One train to be messed up
    Oh great, construction? All Brooklyn-bound trains cancelled? Amazing. I'll take my nimbus 2000. Harry Potter reference.
  4. I'm hungry at 3am so there must be something open.
    wait, nothing in your area is open right now?! Are we cave men?
  5. 30-45 minute wait on seamless
    *thought process...it's been 46 minutes. Where's my food?! I should call the restaurant. This is unexceptional.
  6. Uber
    *there are no ubers in your area. What?! How am I supposed to get home?! Take the subway that's probably not running?!
  7. Internet not working
    Wait...how am I supposed to communicate with the world?' Or keep refreshing Facebook?! This is uncalled for.