1. Demonstrator of Fluppets (oversized stuffed animal puppets) at Selfridges in Oxford Street
  2. Bicycle courier (in London)
  3. Snack-seller at concession stand on the beach (in Santa Monica)
  4. Riding ring manager in LA
  5. Counselor at a camp on a working ranch in Mendocino County
  6. Dresser at fashion shows in NYC
  7. Counter, packer and sender-out-of hundreds of tiny v-shaped pins
  8. ID card-checker at my college gym. I had to wear a bright yellow shirt with the words "Need help? Ask me!" emblazoned on the back. I was in an all-black-wearing, cigarette-smoking, post-junior-year-abroad phase and did not want to help anyone....
  9. Model-kitchen-demonstrator at the Ideal Home Show in Earl's Court.
  10. Bar maid (that was the official title...) at a pub
  11. Maker-of-safety pin-and bead-bracelets and seller of said bracelets at Portobello Market (I only sold one bracelet).