In chronological order....
  1. Rocky: a tiny brown turtle who lived in a plastic island home complete with a fake palm tree. He escaped frequently; then, eternally.
  2. Goldie: a goldfish. I have no more to say on the topic.
  3. Susan: a long-haired calico cat named after an older friend that I idolized. My sisters and I would dress her in doll clothes. She disappeared. Coyotes, we assumed.
  4. Bonnie Lee of Bonhill: beloved Springer Spaniel. Inspired by the animal show at Universal, I taught her many tricks. She sadly met her end in our swimming pool.
  5. Butch Cattsidy and the Sundance Kitty: yup. They were a brother and sister feline duo who outsmarted the coyotes for about a year.
  6. Sundance: undaunted by the Sundance Kitty's untimely exit, I gave my golden hamster this name. He lasted about two years, then died, despite the intervention of my jr. high biology teacher, Mr. Farnsworth.
  7. Ebony: a black horse with a white star and a white sock who could run like the wind and jump three feet from a standstill. I miss her still.
  8. Bigfoot and Little Foot: feline siblings, one of whom had extra toes. They too lasted about a year….
  9. Parducci: a thoroughbred off the tracks named after a vineyard. A big bay who cribbed and ran into things and kicked me in the head and broke one of my ribs. I cried when he died.
  10. T.C.: a kitten we found at the bottom of our driveway. My dad swore we weren't going to have another damn cat so we just called him The Cat, then T.C. But he stuck around for close to 30 years, until, you guessed it, the coyotes….
  11. Buddha: a fat and delightful goldfish, who died too soon.
  12. Bu2 and Lacey: two more goldfish that led short lives.
  13. Murray: a long-haired grey tabby that my former tai chi teacher somehow convinced me to take off her hands, though he was one pissed off feline. One of my friends is now scared of cats, thanks to him. He was pretty scary. He succumbed to cancer (no coyote threat for apartment cats).
  14. Audrey: adored white cat that belonged to my employer but became so attached to me that she gave him to me. He was almost human. Again, the cancer....
  15. Jiminy Cricket: worshipped current Chihuahua. Rescued from the streets of Brooklyn at age 4. Named Mr. Techno by foster family. Quickly renamed by me.