For Busy People: 11 Things That Make Me a Better Business Leader, Friend, and Wife
  1. Spend your time wisely: ONLY do what ONLY you can do
  2. Have weekly services come to you: car wash, dry cleaning, masseuse, groceries etc.
  3. Workout in the morning: it will jump start your brain and make you more productive throughout the day, resulting in less time spent on each task
  4. Manage email by marking items as "unread" so they don't go unanswered when you're reading them on the go with no time to respond
  5. Never hit the snooze button: you'll throw off your adrenaline and you will end up even groggier in the first several hours of your day
  6. Buy everything on, better yet, buy everything on Amazon Prime.
  7. Spend $7 less on a gift and have it professionally gift wrapped instead
  8. Book breakfast meetings instead of lunch meetings.
  9. Take the time to apply for TSA pre-check and Global entry. You won't regret it.
  10. Spend one day per week focused on the important instead of the urgent
  11. Keep an ongoing list of things to do in a consistent place (small notebook, phone) and try to cross off at least 5 items per day