I turned 21 this week. Let's reflect on the knowledge gained from 20, eh?
  1. It's never too late to chase a really ambitious dream
  2. People will look up to you if you genuinely want to help them
  3. Don't date boys who live with their mom and don't have a job or go to school
    Especially if the mom hates you for dating her treasured couch potato.
  4. Sometimes you're just meant to enjoy things and not question when they end
  5. When your 3 year long crush asks you on a date you have to still see him as a real person who can do shit things, no matter how much you respect him.
    Think Kaley Cuoco/Ryan Sweeting sans engagement and tattoos.
  6. It doesn't matter how much you love what you sell, if its a toxic environment you have to leave.
  7. I can manage graduating with two majors
  8. Always report sexual harassment
  9. Never hide your passion
    I really love my university. Some people don't.
  10. Sometimes your mentors start looking up to you
  11. People can see your strength and happiness.
    It compliments you better than your fave lipstick shade ever could.
  12. You're never too old for a teddy bear
  13. NYX Liquid lipstick is the best makeup product out there
  14. Your mom's closet always has vintage gems way better than what you had your eye on in the store.
  15. Nobody else can take care of your body except you.
    Not doctors, parents, significant others, friends. They can help, but at the end of the day you call the shots and are stuck with it.
  16. Someone loves you now
  17. Someone will love you later too.
  18. The toxic people who left you will always want back in once they see you're genuinely happy.
    Forgive them, but don't forget the lesson your learned from them.
  19. Never feel ashamed to seek help, even if you wanted to pretend you were better for good
  20. When you accept things and work to overcome them is when the good things start to happen