Inspired by @zoe
  1. Breakfast
    Belgin waffle. Sliced strawberries and bananas on top. Scrambled eggs. Sausage. Black coffee.
  2. Starbucks order
    Venti cappuccino. Anywhere else just plain black coffee.
  3. Dessert
    Cupcakes. Yellow cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Unless from sprinkles, then I need a dark chocolate with sprinkles.
  4. Lunch
    Sandwich- avacado, turkey, bacon, green beans, tomato. Should have a cup of unsweetened tea and French fries or maybe a side salad with a vinegarette. Extra olive spread for fry dipping.
  5. Dinner
    Salad. Spaghetti. Lemon water.
  6. Sunday
    Waffles, walk outside, nap, watch a movie snuggled up, have dinner ready in a slow cooker for whenever sleepiness subsides for dinner time. Read to each other while drinking wine and eating a nice loaf of French bread.
  7. Makeup routine
    Tinted BB cream, mascara, nude eyeshadow. If needing to have a pop of something add contour and red lipstick.
  8. Tuesday evening
    Silence. Tea. A good book. No responsibilities. Snuggling bae as he plays halo. I make dinner which consists of potatoes, salad and chicken pot pie or a stew. Walk to the lake and then take a warm shower and fall asleep.
  9. Closet palette
    Light pink, black, white, red, pearls