Inspired by @Goldie
  1. Wanting to drive a monster truck (ages 2-5)
  2. Knowing every word to Billy Ray's Achy Breaky Heart and singing along in my car seat
  3. Idolizing Britney Spears
  4. Wanting to move to Texas
    I think I just really liked the shape?
  5. Bleeding often
    I was clumsy. But I wasn't a crier! I was a champ.
  6. Hanging out with the boys
    I was on an all boy's baseball team most of my childhood. My best friends were always boys.
  7. Wanting to be an artist
    But I vowed to not use the color red. Red reminded me of blood and that seemed sad and scary.
  8. Always wanting to be eating ribs.
    And then chowing down like a full grown man.
  9. Teleporting
    I had stealth and scared my brothers friends senseless whenever they would visit.